TSX also known as train stop xtreme was founded in 2019 as a byproduct of the popular gym Train Stop located in Gulfport, Ms. 

I guess it's safe to say there's no place like train stop because after experiencing the positive energy after a session or seeing the result of our clients posted online, people would always say "man i wish i could get results like that but i stay x miles away."

Fast forward to today we are currently helping thousands of TSX clients all across the world reach their goals whether that be by products, our Mi:27 program, or our free fitness blogs.

We look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals as well.

The Creator

Rashad Roper Certified Personal Trainer & Gym owner of Train Stop Boot camp & Fitness is the man Behind the plan.

Rashad's motto has always been "Failure Is Not An Option" So his whole goal behind creating TSX is to make your fitness journey fail proof by providing supplemental products, enhancers, workout plans, and tips. 

Rashad has been a certified personal trainer for over 7 years now and his love for what he does has not changed one bit, he has a special way of connecting & interacting with his clients No matter if it's in person or online.


What People Are Saying

Marsha S.

MI:27 Member

Rashad is really awesome and I just love his energy. My daughter and I have been doing his Mi:27 workout series and have seen amazing results.